The Benefits of Regular and Sharia Property Investment Financing

24 November 2022

Investing in commercial property is a profitable type of investment for your company's growth. Commercial property investment has the potential to be profitable in a variety of ways. First, consider the advantages of using commercial property to support business growth. Second, the amount of money that can be made from the resale of commercial real estate. In fact, you may be able to achieve a Return on Investment from the two items listed above at the same time. However, financing and high property prices are frequently impediments. As a result, it's critical that you understand the solutions presented by Maybank.

Currently, commercial property financing options are numerous. Maybank offers conventional or Sharia commercial property investment loans/financing that can be used as a business/enterprise investment solution.

Sharia Commercial Property Financing

Maybank Sharia Commercial Property Financing is a Sharia-compliant property investment solution offered by Maybank Syariah. As the name implies, the purpose of this financing is to meet the needs of customers for commercial property assets through direct leasing or a sale and lease back pattern using the Ijarah Muntakiyah Bittamleek (IMBT) contract.

There are numerous appealing features, such as competitive rental rates and long financing terms of up to 15 years. Furthermore, property assets are on behalf of the customer, with a wide range of property types that can be financed, including shop houses, warehouses, factories, office space, and office buildings.

Maybank Syariah offers numerous benefits to you. First, business finances will improve as financing obligations are recorded as business rental or operating costs that are deducted from gross income.

Furthermore, the cash flow of the business will be better maintained. The customer can configure the payment mechanism in accordance with the Bank's needs and policies. The assets are then depreciated only during the financing period.

Regular Commercial Property Financing

Maybank Commercial Property Financing is one of Maybank property investment solutions to help you grow your business by financing the purchase of the commercial property.

You can get financing for up to 100% of the property's value, which is a very profitable option. A large financing of up to IDR 15 billion is available.

Long-term financing facilities of up to 15 years are available to finance the purchase of commercial properties such as shophouses, warehouses, factories, office space, and office buildings. And it can be used for productive purposes by both individuals and businesses.

These are the advantages of using Maybank both Regular and Sharia property financing options. Choose the suitable one to support your property investment now!

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