7 Benefits of Life Insurance for Maximum Protection

27 December 2021

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Many people still have questions about the value of life insurance. A lot of individuals believe that insurance is solely for the wealthy. To put it another way, insurance is crucial in life since we never know what the future holds. If you understand that the life we live requires maximum protection, you will appreciate the advantages of life insurance.

Insurance benefits vary depending on the type. All types of insurance, in general, provide the same benefits. Some of the benefits of life insurance that may also convince you to consider it, including:

1. As a safeguard against the risk of death

The most essential benefit of life insurance is that it can protect you against a variety of potential misfortunes in the future. For example, if the family's head of household dies in an accident or illness that results in a loss of income, life insurance will compensate the family for their part in the misfortune.

2. The lives of the heirs will be ensured

Life insurance helps to ensure that the heirs could continue their lives after being abandoned. As heirs will be protected, this benefit will assist you provide certainty in planning for future successors, such as children's education and family finances.

3. Helping with financial management

Life insurance plays an important role in a family's financial planning. You will get into the habit of setting aside a portion of your salary to pay for life insurance on a monthly basis. As a result, you will be more efficient and sensible in your financial management.

4. Provides a sense of security

No one knows what the future may bring. By having life insurance, you are ensuring that you are prepared to deal with issues that may arise in the future. You will feel secure since life insurance will cover your financial losses or the financial losses of your heirs.

5. Life protection

Maybank Indonesia offers a life insurance product called MyProtection JiwaGarda. This is a life insurance product offered by Maybank Indonesia that is useful for life protection. If the insured dies for any cause during the insurance period, Allianz will pay up to 500 times of monthly premium

6. No-claim bonus

Insurance from Maybank Indonesia is MyProtection JiwaGarda and Allianz, If the Insured survives to the end of the insurance period, then Allianz will pay a no claim bonus (at the end of the 8th policy year) of 80% of the total premium paid.

7. Additional protections

Customers of Myprotection JiwaGarda You will get a 3 years additional of Life Insurance protection, Please refer to the policy for complete terms and conditions.


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