More practical & easy anytime and anywhere to open Maybank Deposit/Deposit iB via M2U ID App/M2U Web ID. Get competitive deposit rates or returns with variety of placement periods, as well as the convenience of renewal with Automatic Roll Over system (ARO).

How to open a Time Deposit


1. Login M2U ID App

2. Click the '+' icon

3. Select “Maybank Online Deposit”

4. Choose the type of Maybank Deposit Online


5. Choose the source account for your nominal deposit

6. Specify the tenor and

7. Specify maturity instructions

8. And then Click  'Continue'



9. Enter the initial deposit amount and “click ok


10. Click Process


11. Verify all information is correct and click ‘Confirm & Request TAC’



12. Enter the TAC/                   Secure2u passcode


13. The opening of Maybank Deposit Online was successful. 
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