Maybank GIFT

Save up your money and get your own gift, from shopping voucher, gold, home appliance, latest gadget to new car!

Program period until December 31st 2021

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Cooking Gift for Home Cooks


Gift for Sports Enthusiast


Gift for Gadget Lovers


Maybank GIFT



Icon Arrow Terms & Conditions
  1. Eligible only for:
    1. Maybank Savings Account/ iB Savings Account
    2. Maybank Woman One/ Woman One iB Savings Account
    3. Maybank MAKSI/ MAKSI iB Savings Account
    4. Maybank U or U iB Savings Account 
    5. Maybank SuperKidz/ SuperKidz iB Savings Account (only for block of fund with tenor 6 and 12 months)
    6. Maybank MyArafah Savings Account
    7. Co-Branding Savings Account Maybank Finance
    8. Maybank MyPlan Plus/ MyPlan Plus iB Savings Account with source account: Maybank Savings Account (include Co-Branding Savings Account Maybank Finance)/MAKSI/Woman One/SuperKidz (Non QQ)/Maybank iB Savings Account /MAKSI iB/Woman One iB/SuperKidz iB (Non QQ)/My Arafah/MyWadiah / U or U iB Savings Account.
    9. Maybank Current Account/ Current Account iB which applies for scheme with selected gifts such as Road Bike Element FRC 52, Samsung S21 Ultra 5G 256 GB,  fine gold, Yamaha All New NMAX, All New Yamaha Mio M3 125 CW, All New Honda Brio, cash reward or Carrefour/ MAP voucher worth of IDR10 million - IDR100 million.
  2. Participation in Maybank GIFT program can be done at the nearest Maybank office branch.
  3. Terms & Conditions applied for this Program. Special request on color, production year and/or size of the gifts will not be proceed further by Maybank Indonesia.
  4. Applied for fresh fund only. Fresh funds refers to either :
    1. Funds in cash and are not transferred from any Maybank existing account.
    2. Funds transferred from another Bank account within the last 7 days.
    3. Funds in non Maybank cheque/ bilyet giro.
  5. Eligibility status is determined by the incremental of total balance in savings & current account in IDR, compared to the last working day on the previous month.
  6. Customer is eligible to join the program more than once.
  7. Interest rate in the Savings & Current Account will follow the terms & conditions applied for each product
  8. Gift will be delivered to Maybank branch that open the account used for this program. The delivery time will be:
    1. Max 30 working days for Non-Automobile gift, and
    2. Max 90 working days for Automobile gift.
  9. Cash reward will be credited within 30 working days with the detail of:
    1. Top up scheme, the gift will be given to account used for this program
    2. Maybank MyPlan Plus scheme, the gift will be given to source account used for Maybank MyPlan Plus account
  10. The gift will be received is after tax of 20%
  11. For Customer who has passed away before the gift is delivered to our branch, gift will be received by their inheritor, based on the condition applied.
  12. Cancellation fee will be applied, if Customer requested to withdraw the hold balance before the maturity date click here
  13. Maybank has the rights to replace the gift with other item with equivalent value, in the case of discontinued products.
  14. PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk has right to cancel, postpone, extend or end this program before; with variety of deleting or adding any terms and conditions by making announcement based on regulation applied and will be informed in