Maybank ATM/Debit Card validity period is printed in the front of the card, on "Valid Thru" section. Before your card validity is ended, please ensure that you have requested Maybank ATM/Debit Card replacement to transact adequately.

Several options are available for requesting Maybank ATM/Debit Card, such as :

  1. Use M2U ID App anytime anywhere.
    1. Information related M2U ID App registration
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    2. Information related card replacement
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  2. Visit nearest Maybank branch

Maybank ATM/Debit Card requested through M2U ID App will be sent to the registered address on Maybank system within 14 working days.

There will be a free of charge for Maybank ATM/Debit Card replacement through Maybank branches with the following conditions:
      a. The validity period of Maybank ATM/Debit Cards is a maximum of 3 months before the card's expiration date.
      b. Maybank ATM/Debit Card validity period has expired

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Ensure your data has been updated. If there is some changes on the data, kindly update your data immediately.
Information related data update
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Check your Maybank ATM/Debit Card now! If validity card is going to end soon, request card replacement immediately.