Payment Made Easy With Maybank QR Pay

30 August 2022

Payment Made Easy With Maybank QR Pay

Paying with cash is no longer necessary because transactions are simpler nowadays. Maybank QR Pay is one of the recommended payment methods you can use to make transactions simpler at any time or location.

One of the payment options offered by Maybank, Maybank QR Pay, includes a unique code that can be used to make payments to any merchant that accepts QR payments (Quick Response Indonesia Standard). Transactions utilizing Maybank QR Pay are free or have no admin costs because it is already QRIS-based.

Here is how to use Maybank QR Pay to make a purchase:

  1. Open the M2U ID App, then select the "QR Pay" menu and click the "Start" button.
  2. Next, scan the merchant's QR code and enter the transaction's nominal amount.
  3. Confirm the transaction amount and click "Process"
  4. Confirm the transaction amount and click "Pay"
  5. Wait for the notification and it is done.

The convenience of Maybank QR Pay payment transactions allows you to use less cash. If you want to use Maybank QR Pay, you can open a Maybank Savings account online using the M2U ID App.

It is quite simple to open a Maybank online account with the M2U ID App. The first thing you should do is download the M2U ID App. Prepare your e-KTP, snap a selfie, and then follow the 5 simple steps to start a Maybank Savings account.

Click here for information on how to create an online account using the M2U ID App.

The Debit Card will be mailed to the address provided. Use the M2U ID App right away to activate the Debit Card once it has been received. More information on debit card activation, visit this page

If you have a Maybank savings account, you can utilize QR Pay on the M2U ID app. Visit this website for more information click here

Let us simplify transactions with Maybank Indonesia. Open an online account with the M2U ID App and enjoy the ease of transactions with Maybank QR Pay