Getting To Know Shariah Banking Products in the Investment Industry

18 February 2022

Shariah Banking Products

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Investment is the placement of a specific quantity of funds in a specific period with the expectation that the invested funds will generate profits or that the investment value will improve in the future. As a Muslim-majority country, there are numerous Shariah banking products that provide a variety of sharia-based investment instruments.

People may be unaware that there are numerous Shariah banking products available that offer various forms of Shariah financial instruments such as Shariah deposits, Islamic mutual funds, and many more.

1. Shariah deposits

Shariah deposits are a type of shariah-compliant investment that adheres to the mudharabah principle. In the application of the mudharabah principle, the depositor serves as the owner of the capital and the bank as the manager. Maybank Indonesia's Shariah-based deposits come with a variety of benefits and features, including:

  1. Available in IDR and USD.
  2. Financing guarantee.
  3. Avaible tenor up to 12 months.
  4. Automated renewal facility.
  5. Competitive Profit Sharing Portion
  6. Automatic payment of Zakat if desired, including debiting from the account, channeling to the designated BAZIZ account.

Find out more about Maybank Deposit iB, here

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2. Shariah Mutual Funds

Sharia Mutual Funds are investment vehicles that are administered according to Sharia principles, do not contain maysir (gambling), gharar (obscurity), or usury (usury), and have been declared sharia-compliant by the Sharia Supervisory Board. Maybank Indonesia Sharia Mutual Funds have a number of advantages, including:

  1. Professional Management. 
  2. Initial subscription of Mutual Fund is starting at IDR100,000.  See guide
  3. Transparent and protected because it is supervised by the Indonesian government through the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).
  4. Reducing risk through diversification.
  5. Supervised by Sharia Supervisory Board

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3. Government-issued State Securities

Sukuk are government securities issued in rupiah and other currencies based on sharia principles, as evidence of the share of participation in SBSN assets (sharia securities as proof of ownership of assets). Some essential aspects of SBSN (Sukuk Negara Ritel) to examine include:

  1. Become a source of funding the state budget.
  2. 100% guaranteed by the government
  3. Publication is accomplished by auction, bookbuilding, and private placement.

Maybank Indonesia
offers a variety of investment choices from which to pick based on your needs. To begin secure and dependable sharia-based investing, you can select one of the Maybank Syariah investment products listed above. Before investing, make sure you have self-protection in the form of Sharīah-based insurance products.

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