How to Setting QR Pay on M2U ID App


Click QR Pay menu on screen
to start setting QR

Click Start button

Choose default account
for QR transaction

Set maximum limit per day
for QR transaction
(Set the maximum limit for your daily transactions)
Customer receive mobile number
confirmation to receive TAC SMS
Customer input TAC code
Customer has successfully set QR
and can start making transactions.
Start QR transaction by click
button “Aktifkan akses kamera”

How to QR Pay Transaction on M2U ID App


Choose QR Pay menu
and click button “Mulai”
Scan QR code and input
transaction amount
Confirm transaction
amount & click button “Proses”
Reconfirm transaction
amount and click button “Bayar”
Notification transaction complete.

How to create QR with EDC


Choose “Generate QR”

Input amount transaction

QR code create successfully.
Scan QR on screen, or
choose “Print” for print QR code.

How to apply merchant QR


1. Input data account

Enter account and handphone number
for owner/PIC merchant and click "Lanjut"
Input TAC code

2. Input data merchant

Prepare KTP Owner and
click "Lanjut"
Input detail merchant: name, address,
business name printed on QR
Input detail merchant: phone number and income
per month. Click “Lanjut”

3. Input data owner

Input owner's information
click "Lanjut"

4. Input data PIC merchant

Input PIC
merchant information

Click button "lanjut"
(If PIC same with owner,
data automatically fill in)

5. Input data transaction notification & Upload KTP Owner

Upload photo KTP
Click “Lanjut”
Read terms & conditions apply
and click “Lanjut”

Submission of QR merchant has been successful
You will be contacted by Maybank
for further processing.
1. Click burger menu
2. Click setting icon
3. Choose QR Pay
4. Choose Payment Limit

5.  Set your cumulative limit                    a. Set your maximum daily limit                                                                                          b. Set your cumulative* transaction without password                           

*Cumulative transaction limit is your accumulated QRPay transaction limit per day without needing your password maximum IDR 2 million.

6. Confirm your number                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
step 6
7. Enter the SMS Token/TAC sent            to  your phone number and click          Ok                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
step 7
8. You have successfully changed             your QR Pay setting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
step 8