All banking matters made practical, even activating Maybank ATM/Debit Cards is easier because you can use the M2U ID App anytime, anywhere. Use the M2U ID App for all daily financial transactions. Life is getting easier just #M2UinAja. Immediately download M2U ID and register now!

Maybank ATM/Debit Cards activation guide as follow:

Login M2U ID App
step 1

Click the menu icon on the upper left of your Account  Screen

step 2
Click “ATM Card Activation”

step 3



Input last 4 digits of Maybank ATM/Debit Cards, Account Number and your Account Currency

step 4

Enter the SMS Token/TAC that has been sent to your registered phone number

step 10

Your Maybank ATM/Debit Cards has been successfully activated

step 10
You will received your Maybank ATM/Debit Cards PIN via sms on your registered phone number
step 10