Virtual Account is an online transfer service consisting of 16 unique numbers and specific to the receipt of funds with a faster and accurate reconciliation process.
The issuance of the virtual account number is done by the company (partner) to the Customer without the involvement of the Bank.

There are 2 types of Virtual Accounts, namely:

  • Static Virtual Account
    Virtual account numbers that can be used repeatedly, for example to top up eMoney and more.
  • Dynamic Virtual Account
    A virtual account number that is used only for a single transaction, such as to make a payment on an online or e-commerce website.

You can transfer fund with virtual account via Maybank ATM, M2U ID Web and M2U ID App. Download M2U ID in Play Store/ App Store now Click here

Always be on the lookout for fraudulent attempts and scrutinize any transfer requests to your virtual account for any reason and purpose. Find out more

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