Maybank Contactless Credit Card feature is here to add convenience to transactions. With technology on Maybank Credit Cards, the Contactless feature allows Cardholders to make transactions easily, quickly and safely by simply holding or tapping the Credit Card on the Contactless EDC machine, without having to use a PIN whenever the Cardholder sees the Contactless symbol to simplify the payment process, even faster instead of using cash.

1. Safe and Fast Transactions with Contactless technology.
2. Transactions without PIN for nominal up to IDR1 million.
3. Payments are getting easier and more convenient.

Benefits Maybank Contactless Credit Card

Following are the Features, Advantages and Benefits of the Maybank Contactless Credit Card;

  • Faster
    Cardholders can simply bring or tap the card to the EDC machine without the need to enter a PIN during transactions with a nominal value of up to IDR1 million.
  • More Convenient
    The Credit Card is held by the Cardholder himself and there is no need to touch the button on the EDC machine like when using a PIN.

Maybank Contactless Credit Card Security

Maybank Contactless Credit Card feature uses the same security technology as other chip credit cards. Maybank Credit Cards with the Contactless feature only work when brought near or tapped. The Cardholder remains in control of the Card at all times, because it is still in hand when transacting and the cashier does not need to hold a Credit Card so they cannot see important data (Card Number, Validity Period, 3 Digit CVV/CVC on the back of the Card, and others).

Terms of Maybank Contactless Credit Card

  • Use of the Contactless Feature on Maybank Credit Cards can be done with a minimum of up to IDR1 million/transaction.

How to Transaction Maybank Contactless Credit Card

  • Make sure the merchant/cashier provides an EDC machine that has the Contactless logo on it.
  • The nominal per transaction is up to IDR1 million and if the transaction is IDR1 million, it is mandatory to use a Credit Card PIN.
  • Hold or Tap Card on EDC machine.
  • After the transaction is successful, the Cardholder can save the card again.

Fees Featured Contactless



Feature contactless fee

No charge

Administration/ month fee

No charge

Transaction fee

No charge

Notification fee for every contactless transaction made

No charge

Daily spending limit

IDR3 million (three million rupiah) accumulated from the nominal contactless transactions every day

Daily transaction frequency limit

10x (ten times) accumulated frequency of contactless transactions every day

Important Information

  • Keep your Maybank Credit Card safe, because the Contactless feature can be used for transactions without using a PIN.
  • If your Maybank Credit Card is lost, immediately contact Customer Care 1500611 or +622178869811 (from abroad) for blocking.

For further information contact Maybank Customer Care 1500611 or +622178869811 (from abroad)

Maybank Credit Cardholder Mechanism Complaint

Maybank Credit Cardholder can submit complaints or written complaints by letter, email or social media, verbally either by telephone or face to face at all Maybank branches and Maybank Customer Care, by completing the complaint with proof of identity and supporting documents.

For more information about the complaint flow click here 

For further information contact Maybank Customer Care 1500611 or +622178869811 (from abroad) or send an email to customercare@maybank.co.id