Dear Maybank Credit Cardholders,
Your Maybank mc2 Angry Birds/Classic Credit Cards with the following card designs:

We will replace with a new Maybank Credit Card that has many features.
New Maybank Credit Card Types:

If you have received new Maybank Credit Card, activate the card by:

    • Sending an SMS to 69811 with  format; AKT <space> KK <space> The last 8 digits of your credit card number or;
    • Contact Maybank Customer Care at 1500611.

In connection with this card change:

  • Your new Maybank Credit Card is automaticallu activated after the card is accepted. Please immediately cut or cut the magnetic stripe of your Maybank Classic/mc2 Angry Bird/Lion Credit Card if you have received your new Maybank Credit Card.
  • If there is a usage or overpayment, it will be directly transferred to new Maybank Credit Card.
  • Monthly billing limit and date of printing remains the same.
  • For routine monthly bills (example: insurance, fitness center membership, etc) that are registered through third party, please re-inform to each third party.
  • If you register for Maybank XBill program, which is a regular monthly bill through Maybank Credit Card, it will automatically be processed to your new Maybank Credit Card.
  • For your security and convenience, use PIN for every transactions.
  • Free annual fees for the first 2 years. For the 3rd  year and so on, you need to register your monthly routine bills (Maybank XBill).
  • Get TREATS Points from every transaction with Maybank Credit Card (except White Card). Collect and redeem TREATS Points with a variety offers such as vouchers and selected products. Redeem TREATS Points by:
  • By activating or using new Maybank Credit Card, you agree to abide by and be bound by  Maybank Credit Card Terms and Conditions and all future changes and additions along with other documents related to Maybank Credit Cards.

Always use your Maybank Credit Card and enjoy  various attractive offers at selected merchants, special for Maybank Credit Cardholders. Info

If you have not received the new card, Maybank will send it immediately maximum 14 working days  or please contact Customer Care at 1500611 to get your new card.

Activate the card immediately to get Optik Melawai Blibli e-vouchers.

Terms and conditions for Optik Melawai e-voucher IDR1 million:

  • E-voucher will be processed after Maybank Credit Card has been successfully activated.
  • E-voucher will be sent to Maybank Credit  Cardholder's mobile number that registered at Maybank Credit Card system.
  • E-voucher is valid for the purchase of frames, sunglasses and lenses with a minimum transaction of IDR2.4 million.
  • Not valid for purchasing Solid Gold, Cartier, Maui Jim, Hoya lenses, essilor lenses, peach-labeled and marked labels.
  • At the time of payment, show the SMS containing e-voucher to Optik Melawai cashier and use Maybank Credit Card at the time of payment.
  • E-voucher can be used for 1 time transaction only.
  • E-vouchers cannot be cashed or combined with other e-vouchers.

Terms and conditions for Blibli e-voucher up to IDR1 million:

  • Transactions anywhere with a minimum of IDR2 million with Maybank Credit Card, for 3 months from the time your card is printed.
  • The printed card month can be seen in the front view with a valid thru statement, or confirm by contacting Maybank Customer Care at 1500611
  • Not valid for installment transactions, Maybank XBill, Maybank XCash and cash advance/cash advance at ATMs.
  • E-voucher will be given if the transaction meets the terms and conditions, with below conditions:

Min. Transaction


IDR2 million

Blibli e-voucher IDR200,000

IDR5 million

Blibli e-voucher IDR500,000

IDR10 million

Blibli e-voucher IDR1 million

  • Blibli e-voucher will be sent to registered email at Maybank Credit Card system.