Secure and convenient transactions

Secure and convenient transactions

Secure and convenient transactions with Maybank Credit and Debit Cards.

In accordance with BI regulations, credit cards are only intended to make payment transactions at merchants or cash withdrawals at ATM machines. Do cash withdrawals at merchants are strictly prohibited. For more information, please contact Customer Care at 69 811 via cellphone.

Take care and protect the confidentiality of your credit / debit card personal data.

Do not transfer Credit / debit cards to customer service at the branch office when the replacement card is damaged, before the card is cut in the chip section and magnettic stripe.

Do not hand over or lend a credit / debit card to the party who came to collect your card or swipe it on any device other than the EDC machine.

Use a credit card PIN in each of your transactions. For credit card holders who haven't received a PIN credit card, please contact Customer Care.

If you lose a credit / debit card, immediately contact Customer Care. Transactions that occur before reporting and blocking lost cards are the responsibility of the customer.

For the convenience of transacting using a credit card, immediately update your mobile number and email address.