BI-SSSS fee charged


Dear valued customers of PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk, Custodian Bank,

In accordance to prevailing Bank Indonesia regulation, i.e Peraturan Bank Indonesia (PBI) No. 17/18/PBI/2015 dated 12 November 2015, PBI No. 19/14/PBI/2017 dated 27 December 2017 concerning second amendment of PBI No. 17/18/PBI/2015 concerning Transaction Processing, Securities Administration and Real Time Settlement, and Bank Indonesia Circular Letter No. 17/31/DPSP which has been amended with Bank Indonesia Circular Letter No. 18/20/DPSP dated 23 September 2016 concerning Amendment of Bank Indonesia Circular Letter No. 17/31/DPSP dated 13 November 2015 concerning Securities Transaction Processing through Bank Indonesia-Scripless Securities Settlement System (BI-SSSS),  please be advised of BI-SSSS fee charged by Bank Indonesia to PT Bank Maybank Indonesia, Tbk,  and BI-SSSS  fee charged by PT Maybank Bank Indonesia, Tbk  to the Customer :

Transaction Settlement System Fee
Bank Fee Bank Indonesia's Fee
 BI-SSSS Max Rp 50.000 per Transaction Rp 23.000 Per Transaction

For further details please refer to the above mentioned Bank Indonesia regulation.

Thank you for your kind attention.

PT.  Bank Maybank Indonesia, Tbk.