Free of Charge Savings and 10% Cashback up to IDR 250,000

08 September 2023

Get Free of Fees with Maybank U/U iB Savings

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Savings that have a free-of-charge feature can be a smart choice to optimize fund growth. With savings that give you a variety of fees free of charge, your savings don't decrease much due to transaction costs, such as transfers to other banks or cash withdrawals at other banks. Therefore, it is important to consider the savings you want to open so that you are in good financial condition.

Maybank hadirkan Maybank Tabungan U atau U iB yang tabungan memberikan manfaat bebas biaya seperti:

1.   Free Cash Withdrawal

Customers can enjoy free cash withdrawal fees at ATMs of other banks throughout Indonesia, up to 30x transactions in 1 month, simply by maintaining the balance before the transaction, min. IDR 500 thousand.

This service helps you when you need cash, but is located far from a Maybank ATM, because you can withdraw cash at any nearest ATM, without being charged an additional fee.

See complete information on this page.

2.   Free Transfer Fee

Customers can make free transfers to other banks using the M2U ID App (mobile banking) up to 10x per month as long as they maintain the balance before the transaction min. IDR 500 thousand. With this service, you can easily transfer money to other bank accounts without worrying about additional fees.

3.   Free of Admin Fee

Free monthly admin fees by maintaining an average balance per month min. IDR 500 thousand or will be charged IDR 5,000 per month. This is very profitable for you because the money in your Maybank Savings U or U iB does not decrease due to admin fees.

See complete information on this page.

4.   Don't forget to enjoy all the benefits of having Maybank U or U iB Savings:

  1. Smart Savings, automatically separates spending and saving funds by activating the U Goal Saver iB account
  2. Smart Spending, get 10% cashback up to IDR 250 thousand from shopping transactions with a Debit Card from Maybank U iB Savings or Maybank QR Pay/ pay bills via the M2U ID App and maintain the monthly average balance. Don't forget to activate your U Goal Saver/U Goal Saver iB account to get 10% cashback from every transaction. For the activation guide click here.
  3. QR Cardless Withdrawal, withdraw cash by simply scanning the QR at Maybank ATMs with the M2U ID App.
  4. Save every day with special offers from various merchants. Other information click here.

With a variety of benefits provided, savings can help millennials manage their finances. First, by taking advantage of savings promos, the millennial generation can save on their expenses. Some savings promos offer discounts, cashback, or other attractive prizes when they shop or make transactions. That way, the millennial generation becomes more efficient and savings balances can grow faster.

Savings promos also provide attractive offers from various merchants who work with banks. For example, the millennial generation can get special discounts or special offers when shopping at bank partners. This can be an extra advantage for those who shop frequently or want a more affordable consumption experience.

By having Maybank U or U iB Savings, the millennial generation can enjoy free of charge and get 10% cashback up to IDR 250 thousand every month, the millennial generation can optimize their financial management, save more money and achieve financial goals more quickly.

Immediately open a Maybank U or U iB savings account and enjoy the various benefits!