Manage Your Finance Effortlessly with 360 Digital Wealth

01 September 2022

360 Digital Wealth

Menage Your Finances With 360 Digital Wealth

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The 360 Digital Wealth feature on the M2U ID App can help you manage your accounts more effortlessly with one hand. The benefits of this tool include the ability to easily manage your entire portfolio of assets and obligations.

You can also prepare your finances for the future, such as education savings, wedding savings, and so on. The M2U ID App's 360 Digital Wealth feature makes it easy to track and control your monthly costs, allowing you to manage your finances more wisely.

When managing investment assets, you can use this feature to add investments and check your assets. Your investment will be displayed in a user-friendly dashboard. This feature can also show separate displays for different types of investment assets, such as savings, time deposits, bonds, mutual funds, and bancassurance. Additionally, you may access data for every asset category you own in a single application.

Learn more on managing your finances with 360 Digital Wealth here.

Create a monthly debit schedule for the investments of your choice to manage your assets. Various investment products, such as mutual funds, can also be included. The security provided is further assured because each transaction requires authentication and passcode from the customer.

Some of the advantages of 360 Digital Wealth in monitoring assets and loans are as follows:
  1. The overview is simple to comprehend.
  2. Product categorization is thorough and precise.
  3. At Maybank, all assets and loans are automatically accumulated.
  4. Able to include resources and loans outside of Maybank.
  5. Assets and loans added at Maybank Indonesia and elsewhere will automatically accumulate.

There are numerous benefits to using the 360 Digital Wealth feature. Download M2U ID App and experience the ease of handling funds with one hand.