5 Small Business Ideas You Should Try

29 July 2022

5 Small Business Ideas You Should Try

For some people, having your own business is preferable to working for someone else. However, the urge to start their own business is occasionally constrained by a lack of funds. Some small business concepts can grow into big ones if they are managed properly.

It is necessary to manage finances by dividing personal and company finances. That way, you can keep track of how the business is progressing. Some small company concepts that have a lot of potential include:

1. Dropshipper

Dropshipping is a business idea that requires little investment. Some dropshipping businesses may not even require funds to operate. As a dropshipper, you act as a middleman between the merchandise owner and the buyer. Dropshipping is an interesting business to run in today's digital age.

2. Frozen Food Industry

A frozen food business can be started with a modest investment. Frozen foods such as pempek, risoles, and other ready-to-eat dishes can be made at home. E-commerce or available marketplaces might help you promote your frozen food business.

3. Handicrafts

Using materials found in the environment to create an interesting souvenir might be the next small capital company idea. Not only does it benefit the environment, but it also allows you to earn extra money by selling these recycled products.

4. Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers are taking advantage of the limited products offered online. Profits are earned from a predetermined margin. As a personal shopper, you will need a small investment to buy the item initially.

5. Hydroponic Vegetables

You can cultivate vegetables using the hydroponic method on a small plot of land at your home. Hydroponic veggies are those that are grown with the help of mineral-rich solutions. This can be used as a low-cost business idea that can be expanded to yield huge profits.


You can try to start one of the five categories of small businesses listed above. When you see the outcomes of your efforts, you can develop a more comprehensive business plan. You can use Kredit Usaha Rakyat (KUR) or small business loans with a nominal value that is in line with the business strategy plan to make a business capital loan if you already have a competitive market.

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