Types of Mutual Funds to Consider Before Investing

26 March 2022

Types of Mutual Funds to Consider Before Investing

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Customers can use mutual funds as an alternative investment because they provide the highest return on investment while diversifying risk. Maybank Indonesia is one of the banks that offers a selection of mutual funds that customers can use to make investments based on their risk profile.

Maybank offers a variety of Mutual Funds, including;

1.  Money Market Funds

Money Market Mutual Funds are form of mutual funds that invest in domestic money market instruments and debt securities with maturities of no more than one year and remaining maturities of no more than one year, such as time deposits. Money Market Mutual Funds also have a low risk profile, making them ideal for first-time investors.

2. Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income Mutual Fund are mutual funds that invest at least 80% of their assets in debt instruments such as government bonds or corporate bonds with maturities greater than one year. Fixed Income Mutual Funds have a relatively higher risk than Money Market Mutual Funds.

3. Balanced Fund

Mixed Funds are mutual funds that invest in equities securities, debt securities, and/or domestic money market instruments that are allocated proportionally from investment funds based on their investment objectives. Mixed Funds provide medium level of investment risks and are higher than Fixed Income Mutual Funds.

4. Equity Funds

This type of mutual fund invest at least 80% of its managed funds in equities assets or shares. Equity funds have a larger investment risk, but they offer the potential for a higher return than other forms of mutual funds.

5. Structured Fund

Structured Funds are investment alternatives for investors that seek an investment product with a defined management method that complies with applicable regulations. There are several structured funds available, including:

  • Protected Mutual Fund
    This mutual fund has a product maturity time, periodic profit sharing, and at maturity, the principle value of the investor's investment returns to the protection value based on the state of the underlying asset in the protection mechanism.
  • Index Fund
    This form of Mutual Fund is managed to achieve investment returns equivalent to the index used as a reference, either a bond index or a stock index, and can be bought and sold on the stock market at any time. Structured mutual funds are designed primarily for investors who seek complete transparency over their investments. You can choose one of the five types of Mutual Funds listed above as an investment option based on your risk tolerance and investment horizon. In addition, Maybank offers Sharia Mutual Funds as another investment option.Maybank provides many conveniences to invest in Mutual Funds.

Mutual Funds can be purchased online via  M2U ID App Starting from IDR100,000 , with the option of purchasing both one-time or auto debit, to a variety of Mutual Fund products . You may also top up, sell, and check your Mutual Fund portfolio using the M2U ID App. Guide to Mutual Funds via M2U ID App Click here .

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