Unsecured Loans Calculation: What To Know Before You Apply

18 February 2022

Unsecured Loans Calculation

We frequently face financial difficulties as we go about our daily lives.The increasing necessities of life force us to seek a solution by making loans to banks, one of which is unsecured loan. Unsecured Loan, is a financial product that provides unsecured cash loans. When you need emergency finances, an unsecured loan simulation is the best option.

Although unsecured loans do not require collateral, you must provide an ID card, proof of income, business licenses for entrepreneurs, bank accounts, and NPWP. The data must be compiled to serve as a framework for the Bank's analysis in making unsecured loans.

Unsecured loans have a fixed interest rate. But still, you should consider the interest rate on loans, before applying because each bank charges a different rate of interest. Maybank Indonesia with Maybank KTA product offers a low interest rate and may be the best option for you.

Maybank KTA offers numerous benefits, including:

1. A generous loan limit

Maybank customers will be given a loan limit of up to IDR250,000,000, while non-Maybank customers would be given a loan limit of IDR150,000,000.

2. Tenor

Maybank KTA offers a tenor of up to five years for Maybank customers and three years for non-Maybank customers.

3. Fixed Installments

KTA Maybank offers fixed installments every month.

4. Low interest rate

Maybank KTA offers interest rates starting at 0.79%.

5. Processing Time

Maybank's Customers with Maybank Savings will have their monies disbursed within three days of all documentation being completed and received by the bank.

After learning about some of the benefits of Maybank KTA, you should run an unsecured loan simulation to determine your ability to pay monthly installments.

At Maybank KTA, the suitable interest rate is calculated as a flat annuity with fixed monthly installments where the amount of principal and interest changes monthly. Interest charges do not apply to those who use the Top Up and Reinstatement programs. Interest rate provisions may change from time to time in accordance with bank policy, with prior notice to the customer in accordance with Peraturan Otoritas Jasa keuangan (POJK).

Some of the terms and conditions that you should be aware of before applying for a Maybank KTA loan are as follows:

  1. Late payment interest fee is 5% of the monthly installment
  2. Late payment fee IDR 100,000
  3. Early repayment fee is based on the rest of loan terms
    Repayment Fee**
    Remaining Installments Remaining initial loan* + admin fee
    =< 6 months 5% IDR 0,-
    > 6 - 24 months 6% IDR250.000,-
    > 24 months 6% IDR300.000,-

    * Includes one installment.
    ** Maybank and Consolidated employees are excluded.

  4. The fee & charge  may change at any time in accordance with applicable policies and regulations.

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