Maybank Mobile Banking Offers Easy Interbank Transactions

29 December 2021

Kemudahan Transaksi


How to open a Maybank Savings Account via M2U ID App?

  1. Download M2U ID on Play Store or App Store
  2. Prepare your eKTP,  selfie photo and follow 5 easy steps open Maybank Savings account.
  3. Debit Card will be sent directly to your correspondence address and activate your Debit Card via M2U ID App.
Open an Online Bank Account

Mobile banking is a very practical payment solution for all banking transaction needs, as well as a way to reduce the use of cash. Maybank's mobile banking app, M2U ID App, offers a variety of conveniences and benefits that you can enjoy right away. Money transfers, purchases, payments, opening deposits, Mutual Fund investments, and much more can all be done with the M2U ID App (mobile banking). The benefit of using the M2U ID App is that you can do most all banking operations from anywhere and any time.

Interbank transfer fees frequently cost you money and diminish your savings. Despite the fact that the amount is only IDR 6,500 to IDR 7,500, some clients will undoubtedly avoid being charged transfer fees. This can make it difficult to transfer between banks.

Free transaction fees Real-time online transfer* seventy-five times (75x) per month per client using Maybank MAKSI or Maksi iB Savings through the M2U ID App is an example of the convenience of transactions that you can feel with Maybank. Customers can also use M2U ID Web to send money between banks/fellow Maybanks with a big limit of up to IDR 10 billion.

In addition to simple interbank transactions, you can use the M2U ID App to make payments such as energy, telephone, and PBB bills, top up e-wallet balances, and withdraw cash without a card, just scan the QR at Maybank ATM with the M2U ID App, just scan the QR at Maybank ATM with the M2U ID App and/or e-money top-up.

Aside from the convenience of transactions, cool features that you may enjoy when using the M2U ID App or M2U ID Web include:

1. Online Account Opening

For those of you who do not have a Maybank savings account, you can open directly from a mobile phone without needing to visit a branch. For those who are currently Maybank customers, saving regularly at Maybank MyPlan and MyPlan iB Savings wherever and whenever you want would make it easy to fulfill your vacation wish and plan to go for Umrah or Hajj in the future.

2. Free Max

Enjoy free admin fee for interbank transfers (Online, SKN & RTGS)*, bill payments & purchases with Maybank MAKSI & MAKSI iB Savings.

3. Go Cashless

Pay with QR Pay. All QR with the QRIS logo can be paid for; all transactions are simple and convenient.

4. Secure login

Fast and secure login with Face ID or your fingerprint.

5. Quick Favorite

You can keep track of transactions and pay bills on a regular basis.

6. Check Portfolio Balance

Checking the balance of savings, credit cards, deposits, loans, to investments and insurance is so much easier.

7. Quick Payment Access

Pay bills, purchases and transfers easier and faster.

8. Share Receipt

Share transaction receipts easily with just one-click away.

9. Investment

You can now make all your Mutual Fund transaction Starting only from IDR100,000

10. Data Update

Update your data anytime anywhere, without having to go to branches, which includes your home address, email address, and even your telephone number; everything is now in the palm of your hands.

Given how simple it is to perform interbank transfers and other payments using the M2U ID App, now is your time to download M2U ID from your smartphone's Play Store/App Store! Maybank Indonesia makes all transactions easier and more convenient with just one click.


*For Maybank MAKSI/ MAKSI iB Savings Account quota free transaction for RTOL is 75x/ month/ Customer, next transaction will be charged IDR6,500.