Community Empowerment


Reach Independence & Sustainable Entrepreneurship Program

Maybank Indonesia and Maybank Foundation, in partnership with People System Consultancy, conducted training for people with disability through Reach Independence & Sustainable Entrepreneurship (RISE) program. The RISE program, which has been implemented since the end of 2016, is an entrepreneur mentoring for people with disability, which aims to build good mindset and improve micro trading capacity in order to give positive impact to the surrounding community.

This program offers 3 (three) days training followed by structured mentoring for the beneficiaries in 3-6 (three to six) months. During training period, participants will be provided with knowledge in financial management, marketing strategy, and building good mindset. Furthermore, during the mentoring program, participants will be personally accompanied by a mentor as an effort to increase income and entrepreneurship capacity, which are expected to boost their living standards. By end of 2017, this program has been providing benefits to a total of 714 of marginalized and people with disability communities in 7 cities, which are Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, Tangerang, Bogor, Bekasi, and Bandung.

Testimonial Program

Food Seller, Participant of RISE Program in Bekasi

"The RISE training granted me an access to more knowledge in carrying out my Chicken Noodle and Fried Banana business. The RISE training has also taught me the right way to increase the number of customers which can give rise to maximum profit. Now I got to understand the importance of financial management and saving enough reserve fund for emergency needs."

Tailor, Participant of RISE Program in Yogyakarta

"I started to open a tailor business at the end of 2015. I was confused in running the business and finally decided to attend RISE training. It helped me determine my business direction, especially in tailoring business. After attending training and mentoring program, I decided to focus on wedding attire tailor business since nobody have provided the service in my place. I also created my own signature product that other tailors don't sell. Now, demand for my tailored products keep increasing, even from out of town. I am very happy, moved, and proud of this achievement." 

I Made Wahyu Dhiatmika
Internet Cafe & Website Development, Participant of RISE Program in Bali

"The RISE training presented me a lot of ideas -- new ideas that can be practically applied in my internet cafe and website development business I have been running. After applying referral marketing method and membership system, I gained more visitors. I have also improved the internet speed by using system with higher speed. Other than that, I develop my business by providing consultation in website development and building internet cafe business. I also succeeded in getting several projects and increased my income pretty well."