The focus of our education program is aimed at students with academic excellence and come from pre-prosperous community through scholarship program, school adoption, and the education development program support.

Environmental Based Education Support

Maybank Indonesia continued the environmental conservation program in Cigalontang, Tasikmalaya by supporting reforestation, environmental care education, and building parks around Cigalontang 1 Junior High School field. The program, which has been running since February 2015, is a continuation of the community empowerment program after the landslide disaster in 2010. The program also involved the school community to prepare tree seeds, ensure the trees grow well, and provide gardening counseling to students since an early age.

This environment-based education program used mixed crop methods, combining the planting of protective tree seeds and productive trees. In addition, in the implementation of this program, Maybank Indonesia employees voluntarily taught the importance of financial education and saving from an early age to 425 Cigalontang 1 Junior High School students.