Reach out and share your kindness by do good to others.

Inspiring story from MyStories Raya 2019 reminds us to always be good and carry this to our daily lives. Watch the full story click here

For a full month of fasting, we have the opportunity to self reflect and set aside our mere selfdom and physical desires that more often tend to dominates our daily life. Throughout this journey of pursuing purity we are facing with various challenges and temptations. We are not only need to learn to be more sensitive but also to not to be self-absorbed with our business but to see and feel the hardship of those in need.

In this month full of blessings, for every  conveniences and facileness that we felt in making through the day with fasting and the ability to gather with our family at Ied Mubarak. A blessed joy that may not be afforded by those who are less fortunate. No matter how little and  modest our help is, it will mean the world to them in living their lives. Lets Make this Ramadan as the starting point to do good in our  daily life and to the rest of our lives.


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