i.Saku top up service through Maybank

Effective 20 September 2019, top up balance i.saku can be through M2U ID App, M2U ID Web and Maybank ATM. Free administration fee, minimum top up IDR10,000.

How to top up i.saku

  • Download M2U ID at play store / app store 
  • Login to M2U ID App
  • Select Transfer menu
  • Click E-Wallet
  • Select account number and click i.saku then enter Customer Number/ ID
  • Enter top up amount
  • Confirmation screen and enter TAC/ Secure2u Passcode
  • Transaction is complete
  • Login ke M2U ID Web di https://m2u.maybank.co.id
  • Select Transfer
  • Select Transfer eMoney
  • Select original account and i.saku
  • Enter VA Number 78708XXXX (followed by mobile number)
  • Enter top up amount
  • Confirmation screen and enter TAC
  • Transaction is complete
  • Insert ATM card, select language.
  • Enter Maybank PIN
  • Select payment / top up credit
  • Select virtual account menu
  • Enter code 78708XXXXX (followed by mobile number)
  • Confirm screen
  • Enter top up amount
  • Transaction is complete