Top Up GO-PAY Balance

Top up Go-Pay balance via Maybank e-Channel (M2U ID App, M2U ID Web, Maybank SMS+ Banking & ATM)

1. Select ‘Transfer’ menu and choose ‘e-Money’
2. Choose your Source Account
3. Choose the type of e-Money Go-Pay
4. Input your phone number
5. Input transfer amount
6. Verify all information is correct and click ‘Confirm and request TAC’
7. Enter the TAC sent to your registered phone number
8. E-Money top up was successful

1. Select transfer menu

2. Select e-money transfer

3. Select source of account

4. Enter mobile phone number registered to GO-JEK account and desired amount of Top Up

5. Enter the TAC number

6. Select print receipt


7. Receipt example

B. Top Up via Maybank ATM