SMS+ Banking Registration

Fast and easy transaction using your phone

Requirements to get SMS+ Banking service

  1. Maybank customer and have Maybank ATM card
  2. Telkomsel/XL/Indosat users

How to register SMS+ Banking

  1. Register on nearest Maybank ATM or Maybank branch.
  2. For registration at the branch, please bring valid ID (KTP/SIM/Passport/KITAS/KIMS).
  3. Activate SMS+ Banking feature from your mobile phone

How to register SMS+ Banking via Maybank ATM

On main menu, select "E-Banking/Card PIN Registration"

  1. Enter your Maybank ATM/Debit Card PIN.
  2. Select "Mobile Banking Registration" menu.
  3. Enter your registered mobile phone number.
  4. Change your SMS+ Banking PIN.
  5. You are able to do no-financial transaction in Maybank SMS+ Banking from your mobile phone
  6. Activate financial transaction features on your Maybank SMS+ Banking at the nearest Maybank branch

How to register SMS+ Banking via Maybank branch

  1. Fill in the SMS+ Banking registration form.
  2. Show your proof of identity (ID Card/Driving License/Passport/KIMS/KITAS).
  3. After create your PIN, activate and you can use Maybank SMS+ Banking.