Your time is very valuable, so make the most of it. Including doing your frequent financial transactions via M2U ID App, make sure to use the Smart Search feature which makes transactions easier and faster. Enter the desired keywords of the transactions, then check the list of favorite transactions. No need to write down the frequent numbers transaction.

Life is getting easier, just #M2UinAja

How to use Smart Search on M2U ID App

                               Login to your M2U ID App                                                                                                                                                                                       
step 1
Input the desired keyword in the Customer search box on the top
step 2
Search results will be appeared according to the keywords. Choose one of the menus to make a transaction

step 3


                   Choose a source account you want to use                                              for Your transaction                                                                                                                            
step 4
Check your preferred biller type and your ID/ Customer Number. Click “Continue”
step 5
Verify all information is correct and click ‘Confirm & Request TAC
step 5
Enter the TAC which sent to your registered phone number or your Secure2u passcode
step 5
                               Transaction is successful.                                                                                                                                                                                         
step 6