Your time is very valuable, so make the most of it. Including doing your frequent financial transactions via M2U ID App, make sure to use the Smart Search feature which makes transactions easier and faster. Through the Smart Search feature you can also search for keywords for the type of transaction, the number of transactions to the destination bank to be directed to the menu or related transaction. Search can also be done using voice.

Life is getting easier, just #M2UinAja

How to use Smart Search on M2U ID App

Login to your M2U ID App

step 1
Input the keyword in the search box

step 2
Hovers the cursor over the search field and then clicks the 'Mic' icon to initiate a voice search.
step 3A
Press and hold the yellow 'Mic' icon at the bottom while speaking. 
step 3B
 Start speaking
step 3C
          M2U ID App will translate voice search into writing then bring up the search result recommendations
step 4
Pick the source account chosen for transaction

step 5
Enter Customer ID/number and the Top Up nominal. In the search keywords, you can find the Customer ID/number and/or nominal by using the Smart Search feature so that the data does not need to be filled in by the Customer.
step 6A
 However, You can still change the Customer ID/number and/or Top Up nominal.

step 6B
Enter the TAC which sent to your registered phone number or your Secure2u passcode
step 7
Transaction is successful.

step 8