Cash Deposit

  1. Insert Maybank ATM/Debit Card and then ‘Select a language’

  2. Enter PIN number

  3. Select the type of transaction: Cash Deposit

  4. Select the deposit destination account number, namely the account connected to the card (own account) or for other Maybank Savings Accounts (The ATM Machine will inform/verify the destination account number).

  5. Verify the account that linked to the card and select the destination for account deposit.

  6. Verification of the destination account and the choice to continue the transaction or not

  7. Enter the amount of money being deposited into the ATM machine box. The denominations accepted by ATM Deposit Withdrawal are IDR100,000 and IDR50,000

    Note :
    - Make sure the money being deposited is in good condition, the sheets must be neat, not folded, not torn, not shabby, and do not contain paper clips, stapler, rubber bands or other metal objects.
    - The money will be processed at the ATM machine. The process includes verification of the amount and physical money.
    - If there is any unrecognized denomination, the unrecognized money will be returned to the box and Customers can take the money that is not recognized. 
  8. Confirmation of the amount of money deposited in denomination, amount and total value deposited will appear on the screen. The Customer can choose to continue, add or cancel the transaction.

  9. On screen will display transaction processing information.

  10. The transaction is complete and the Customer will receive a printed receipt automatically. And there is a choice to continue the transaction or not

    Note :
    - The customer chooses Yes if the Customer wants to continue other transactions and do the process to re-enter the PIN.
    - If the Customer chooses No, than take the Maybank ATM/Debit Card.