No more worries about running out of phone credit or data quota wherever you are! Conveniently reload or top up your phone credit or data package for any mobile operator right at your fingertips using the M2U ID App.

Top up your phone credit and mobile data Package on M2U ID App now!

Guide to reload or top up phone credit and mobile data package via M2U ID App

Top Up Phone Credit
Top Up Mobile data Package

Login to M2U ID Web at


On your account dashboard, Click the "Transactions" button on the upper right corner.

  1. Select "Purchase" menu on the transaction page
  2. Select source of fund
  3. Select “Mobile Prepaid and Data Package Reload”


Click the drop-down icon and choose an available operator to purchase mobile prepaid or data package reload.

  1. Enter the mobile number
  2. Choose the nominal amount of mobile prepaid or data package you want to reload
  3. Click the “Purchase” button”


On the transaction confirmation page, check the transfer details once again and, if appropriate, click "Request TAC".


Input the TAC that has been sent to your registered phone number, then click “Confirm” to continue.


Your purchase has been successful. Click “New Purchase” to make another purchase or “Download Receipt” to get your transaction receipt.


Your transaction receipt has been successfully downloaded.