How to Activate and Use My QR at Maybank App

Download Maybank ID App and activate it by setting the QR with these steps:


Choose QR Pay  menu QR Pay &  click start
Choose your account
Set your maximum transaction daily limit

You will receive Transaction Activation Code (TAC) text message & input TAC.
Make sure your mobile phone number is registered in Maybank system.

If any changes of data please call Maybank Customer Care at 150611

Activate your camera access
Success! Now you can do your transaction

Next Step

Choose QR Pay  menu QR Pay on your Maybank App &  press scan QR
Direct your smartphone camera to the QR Code
Input your transaction value and password

Reconfirm your transaction

Ensure that your account have enough funds to do transactions, if not, you can top up by following the steps bellow:

Transfer to your account:

  1. Choose Maybank code (016).
  2. Enter the account number Masukkan no rekening tujuan.
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Follow the instruction to finish the step