How to activate Maybank ID App and become fully registered (Premium member)

  1. Download Maybank ID via Play Store / App Store.
  2. Click “Daftar Maybank2u” (Register Maybank2u).
  3. If you already have a Maybank Account, choose “YA” (Yes). If you don’t, choose “TIDAK” (No).

    If you choose “YA” (Yes)

    • Input your bank account number and your ATM PIN number.
    • Input your desired user ID and password.
    • Verify your phone number and email address.
    • Input SMS Token/TAC that is sent to your registered phone number.
    • Your Maybank2u registration is complete, choose “Selesai” (Done).

    If you choose “TIDAK” (No)

    • Choose your account type, you can have a “Regular” or “Syariah” (Sharia) account depending on your needs.
    • Input all the requested personal details in the designated fields.
    • You have successfully opened a temporary Maybank Account.
    • To become fully registered, please come and meet one of our officers at Maybank Activation Zone in Taman Bhagawan during Race Pack Collection days or at the Activation Booth in Bali Safari during the Race Day.
  4. Your Maybank2u registration is complete. Please log in to your Maybank App with your newly created Maybank2u user login.