How to open a Maybank Savings Account via M2U ID App

Now, opening a Maybank Savings Account is easier and faster through the M2U ID App.
Follow the steps to open a Maybank Savings Account below:

Click "Daftar Maybank2u"
(Register Maybank2u)
Choose “TIDAK” (No) if you
don’t have a Maybank Savings Account
Choose "Regular" or "Syariah"
(Sharia) depending on your needs
Prepare your e-KTP and NPWP,
then click “Mulai” (Start)
Fill in your handphone number
and your e-mail address
Input the OTP code that has been
sent to your phone number
Click and scan your e-KTP inside
the guidelines on your phone screen
Verify and fill in your personal
information based on your e-KTP
Confirm your name and click “OK”

Take a selfie

Click and scan your NPWP inside
the guidelines on your phone screen
Sign on a piece of paper,
then take a photo of your signature
Fill in your work information

Fill in your financial information

Fill in your domicile information

Register for Maybank2u.
Input your desired user ID & password
and choose your login verification image
Checkmark the box to agree
to all terms & conditions

Your temporary Maybank Savings
Account registration was successful.
Further details will
be sent to your e-mail.
Click “Lanjut” (Next)

To fully enjoy Maybank App’s
features and keep transacting
after 14 days, please
schedule an appointment
with an agent

Schedule your appointment with
an agent. Determine the location
and date of your appointment
(Appointments with agents are
currently available only for the
following areas: Jabodetabek,
Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Jogja
dan Medan. If you are not
located in those areas, please
visit the nearest Maybank branch.)
Choose a specific time based
on the times offered

Confirm your scheduled
appointment and meet-up
address with an agent
Your appointment
has been scheduled.


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