Fasilitas Layanan Cicilan Xpay Just Call

Your shopping transactions at all merchants using a Maybank Credit Card can be converted into installments, just by contacting Customer Care 69811 via cellphone.

Minimum shopping transaction of IDR1,000,000
Choice of time period from 3 to 24 months
Fixed installment amount every month
Flat interest rates per month

Terms and Conditions :
  • Requests for installments can only be submitted by the Main Bank Credit Card Holder.
  • Valid for all Maybank Credit Cards with the BII and Maybank logo, except Corporate and Sharia.
  • Your Credit Card Maybank is in good status, (not in arrears, suspended, canceled or violating the Cardholder's terms and conditions and / or agreement)
  • Transactions that will be converted into installments are transactions that have been printed on the monthly billing statement and before maturity.
  • Not valid for cash withdrawal transactions at ATMs, cash swipe transactions at merchants, gas stations, foundations, casino transactions and monthly routine transactions such as (PLN, telephone, insurance and gym membership payments)
  • Maybank Credit Card Your credit card will be blocked by the amount of the installment facility, XPay Just Call, including interest and automatically blocking the amount of your credit card credit will be reduced by the installment payment per month.
  • If the holder of the Bank Credit Card performs an early repayment, a fee of IDR300,000 per transaction will be charged.
  • Amount to be paid if the Maybank Credit Card holders make early repayments are as follows:
    • Accelerated repayment fee + remaining principal installments + interest one month later + installments listed on the billing statement (if any).
    • The Bank has the right to refuse requests for installments with certain considerations, without having to notify the reason for the refusal of the Credit Card Holder Maybank.
Interest and tenor that apply, as follows:
Tenor Flat interest Effective interest
3 1.67% 2.49%
6 1.67% 2.80%
9 1.67% 2.90%
12 1.67% 2.93%
15 1.67% 2.93%
18 1.67% 2.93%
24 1.67% 2.89%
Example Calculation:
Credit Card holders make shopping transactions worth IDR2,000,000 with 2.80% interest rates effective per month (or equivalent to 1.67% flat per month) with a period of time taken 6 months, Calculation:
Month Remaining principal amount (in IDR) Amount of principal (in IDR) Interest (in IDR)  Amount of installments (in IDR)
1 2.000.000 310.763 55.970 366.733
2 1.689.237 319.460 47.274 366.733
3 1.369.777 328.400 38.333 366.733
4 1.041.378 337.590 29.143 366.733
5 703.787 347.038 19.696 366.733
6 365.750 356.750 9.984 366.733