Maybank Indonesia and Maybank Foundation Continue the RISE 2.0 Online Program


PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk. (“Maybank Indonesia”) and the Maybank Group Foundation are continuing the RISE (Reach Independence & Sustainable Entrepreneurship) 2.0 online economic empowerment program for persons with disabilities and marginalized communities in early 2021.

This program’s online implementation was prompted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has meant that face-to-face training programs are not yet possible.

From 18th January to 5th February 2021, the RISE 2.0 level Standard training has been taking place online, involving a total of 235 participants with disabilities from the provinces of East Java, West Java, East Nusa Tenggara and Central Sulawesi. The training participants come from a variety of business backgrounds, such as interior design, tailoring, hairdressing and handicrafts, as well as food vendor, grocery store, and electronic services providers, and include those planning to open a business.

The RISE 2.0 program conducted in these various regions is the beginning of training for the Basic and Standard levels; this year's training will continue until December 2021 and targets around 2,000 participants. From 8 February to 25 March 2021, this training will also be held in West Sumatra, Riau, Bangka Belitung, Bengkulu, Central Java, Maluku, South Sulawesi, Aceh and Central Kalimantan.

Maybank Foundation CEO, Shahril Azuar Jimin, said, “Economic empowerment is one of the focuses of Maybank Indonesia's corporate responsibility (CR) programs. Through the RISE program, the Maybank Group also supports efforts to create an independent community, by reaching more beneficiaries and making a positive impact on society, in accordance with its mission of humanizing financial services. This program is also in line with the ASEAN mission and five United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, namely the realization of a prosperous life, quality education, gender equality, economic growth, proper employment and the reduction of inequality."

Head of Corporate and Brand Communications, Tommy Hersyaputera said, “While still complying with the COVID-19 health protocols, Maybank Indonesia continues its commitment to aiding individuals and entrepreneurial communities with disabilities by holding various programs aimed at increasing their enthusiasm, self-confidence, and business skills to enable them to achieve an independent and prosperous future through the RISE 2.0 program. We hope that these online programs can continue to develop and improve the capabilities of MSMEs and create independent communities so that they can have a positive impact on their surrounding environment."

In 2020, the RISE 2.0 program was implemented 35 times in 16 cities for 1,647 participants with disabilities and from marginalized communities. The planned target for participants taking part in this training is 7,350 persons by the end of 2023 for the Basic, Standard & Premium training levels.

This program was launched regionally on 26 September 2019 in Manila in the Philippines, and the training coverage has now been expanded into six countries in Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos and Myanmar.

The RISE training program was initiated in Malaysia, where it has been attended by more than 1,300 participants. In 2016 this program began to expand into the ASEAN región by including Indonesia and the Philippines. During implementation of the first phase of the RISE program in Indonesia, from 2016 to 2019, 2,267 participants with
disabilities and from the marginalized communities of17 cities received
entrepreneurship and independence training.

The success of the first phase of the RISE program can be seen from the significant increase in participant average monthly income. In September 2019, 40% of the participants who originally earned Rp1,264,782 per month now had income of Rp5,543,735 monthly, or saw an increase of 338.3%, which had increased again to 403.7% by October 2019, and 60% of all the 2,267 participants had started a business or increased efforts to do so during the three months after receiving training.

"We hope that with this improvement in their business skills, persons with disabilities can become independent, engage in entrepreneurship, and also create new jobs for other communities of persons with disabilities. This in turn can encourage and develop the entrepreneurial spirit within the surrounding marginalized communities by providing a multiplier effect," concluded Tommy.

Since it was first introduced in Indonesia, the RISE 2.0 program has been attended by more than 4,000 participants from 27 cities throughout Indonesia.


Notes for editors:

About the RISE 2.0 Program

The RISE 2.0 program employs the integrated 3E (Embrace, Embed & Engage) approach with the objective of optimizing the use of technology to provide training and mentoring facilities, and intensive and continuous assistance. RISE utilizes 3E to facilitate the systematic tracking of business development and increase participant income, create online databases and marketplace platforms for participants to sell products, and connects participants with the digital banking products, services and technology they require.

This training aims to generate a change in mindset and increase the self-confidence to start and expand a business by developing product sales and marketing skills. Another program objective is to improve participant understanding of financial management and introduce them to banking products and services.

The RISE 2.0 program represents the continuation and refinement of the first phase of the training carried out from 2016 to 2019. The first phase of RISE is carried out at the Standard level. The RISE 2.0 program consists of three levels of training, namely Basic, Standard and Premium. For the implementation of this program, Maybank Indonesia and the Maybank Foundation established a partnership with People Systems Consultancy.

About Maybank Indonesia

PT Bank Maybank Indonesia, Tbk. (“Maybank Indonesia”) is one of the largest banks in Indonesia, with access to the regional and international network of Maybank Group. Maybank Indonesia provides a range of products and services, including comprehensive Sharia services, for individual and corporate customers through Community Financial Services (Retail Banking and Non-Retail Banking) and Global Banking, as well as automotive financing through subsidiaries WOM Finance (two-wheeled vehicles) and Maybank Finance (four-wheeled vehicles). Maybank Indonesia also continues to develop Digital Banking services and capacity through Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Maybank M2U (internet banking-based mobile banking) and various other channels.

As of 30th Setpember 2020, Maybank Indonesia had 362 branches including Sharia branches, throughout Indonesia and one overseas branch (Mumbai, India), 22 Mobile Cash Vehicles and 1,480 ATMs including 80 CDM (Cash Deposit Machines) connected to over 20,000 ATMs as part of the ATM PRIMA, ATM BERSAMA, ALTO, CIRRUS network connected to 3,500 Maybank ATMs in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. By end of September 2020, Maybank Indonesia managed Rp116.6 trillion in customer deposits and Rp177.3 trillion in assets.

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