Export & Import Foreign Exchange Payments and Receipts


Dear Maybank Customers,

In accordance with PBI No.21 / 14 / PBI / 2019 for payment of Foreign Exchange Import Payments (DPI), importer customers are required to fill in import information according to the BI format, i.e. with code 2012//NO INVOICE and INVOICE VALUE in the latest transfer application description column. Example of filling format in description column: 2012//123ABC(500000).

For export proceeds (DHE) receipt, exporters are required to submit export information to buyers according to the BI format, i.e. with code 1011//NO INVOICE and INVOICE VALUE to be submitted to the sending bank (issuing bank) to be included in the 70 MT103 field. Example of export information format: 1011//234CBA(400000).

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,

PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk