Health is now being a top priority especially in current condition. However, medical check-up or treatment needs extra cost. But with Maybank XCash, whatever your needs are, you can get IDR90 million with 0% interest from your Maybank Credit Cards at anytime. Fast and hassle free. Valid only for selected Maybank Credit Cardholders.

Program mechanism :

  • Maybank send SMS to invited Maybank Credit Cardholders.
  • Maybank Credit Cardholders who are interested must provide a reply SMS to 69811, by typing REG <space> XCASH. Use the mobile number registered in Maybank system.
  • Maybank will process the XCash request.
  • Maybank Credit Cardholders will be sent an SMS if XCash has been successfully disbursed to Credit Card Account (RKK).

Installment and Installment Schedule :




March 2020

XCash Disbursement


April 2020

Admin Fee


May 2020

1st installment


June 2020

2nd installment


July 2020

3rd installment


August 2020

4th installment


September 2020

5th installment


October 2020

6th installment


Notes :

  • XCash will be disbursed to Credit Card Account (RKK).
  • Payment of administration fee is made one time on the billing April 2020.
  • Payment of installments will start from May 2020 until October 2020 billing.

How to withdraw XCash funds in Credit Card Account (RKK) :

  • At the nearest Maybank Branch Office. You must bring your ID and Maybank Credit Card. Funds withdrawal cannot be represented.
  • Through Maybank ATM in the following ways:
        • Enter your Maybank Credit Card into  Maybank ATM.
        • Enter 6 digit Credit Card PIN (if you forget your PIN, call 1500611).
        • Select the "OTHER TRANSACTIONS" menu.
        • Select the "CASH WITHDRAWAL" menu
        • Enter the nominal amount of funds to be withdrawn, click "TRUE".
        • Select the "IDR RKK" menu.
        • Please withdraw money from Maybank ATM.
        • Don't forget to withdraw and keep your Maybank Credit Card.

Program Term & Condition :

  • Make sure you don't use your Maybank Credit Card while XCash is processed. The use of Maybank Credit Cards will reduce your limit which causes changes in XCash funds that you will receive.
  • XCash requests will be processed within a maximum of 3 (three) business days after you reply SMS in the correct format and the SMS reply is received by Maybank.
  • When XCash is processed, your Maybank Credit Card must be active, no block, no over limit, and no late payments.
  • The interest rate is 0% with an admin fee of 2.5% and a 6-month installment tenure.
  • A processing fee of IDR20,000 per transaction will be charged.
  • Your Maybank Credit Card limit will be blocked by the number of principal transactions including interest (if any) and automatically the number of blocked limits will be reduced to the amount of monthly installments.
  • XCash will be transferred to the Credit Card Account (RKK) which is automatically formed when your XCash is disbursed.
  • If you make an early termination, what will be billed is the total outstanding amount, which consists of the total principal XCash + total interest (if any) until the end of the installment period.
  • Maybank has the right to cancel, postpone, extend or terminate this program in advance, change, delete or add any of the terms and conditions to the absolute decision by giving notice 7 (seven) working days in advance through
Matters not mentioned above will refer to the program terms and conditions set by Maybank.