Tips For Planning Your Vacation Efficiently

24 November 2022

Plan Your Vacation Finances From Now

How to open MyPlan Savings

It is everyone's dream to take a relaxing vacation without worrying about money. Of course, this can be accomplished by making good vacation plans, starting with determining on a budget, vacation destinations, plane tickets, lodging, and tourist attractions to visit.

But you may need to plan ahead of time because it will allow you to set aside funds specifically for a vacation that will not interfere with allocations for other funds. Undoubtedly, your vacation will be more memorable.

Is that what you want? Sign up for Maybank MyPlan Savings right away to start saving for your vacations.

Maybank MyPlan Savings is a term savings account with a lot of appealing features and benefits with low monthly deposits starting as low as IDR 100,000 or USD 500. Every month, your funds will be transferred directly from the source account to Maybank MyPlan Savings via the auto debit system. The source account can be linked to 9 (nine) Maybank MyPlan Savings.

Not only that, you are automatically covered by insurance if you die or suffer total permanent disability as a result of an accident or internal illness. With a low administration fee of IDR 5,000, Maybank MyPlan Savings is the best option to plan according to your needs.

Are you interested in the Maybank Tabungan MyPlan? You can access Maybank Tabungan MyPlan by downloading the M2U ID App,which is available on the Play Store/App Store. Click Here for more information on accessing Maybank MyPlan Savings.

There are other advantages to using the M2U ID App, which includes 360 Digital Wealth features to assist you with financial planning, expense management, and goal achievement. With the 360 Digital Wealth feature, you can create your own financial goals, such as vacation savings. The results can then be simulated using automatic calculations.

You can continue the planning process if it is appropriate. Fill in the required information and select the placement fund account. Then simply proceed to the next steps to finalize your vacation plans. You can start saving for your vacation now.

Saving benefits include not only vacation plans, but also having a reserve fund that can be used to finance any needs.

For example, you could open a savings account to save for an emergency so you won't have to worry about financing needs that arise outside of the plan.

DHowever, if you want to learn more about how 360 Digital Wealth can help with financial planning, please visit this page. There are numerous other things you can plan for right now.

Sign up for Maybank MyPlan Savings right away as a savings account for various types of planning, including your vacation plans. Manage your financial plan with the 360 Digital Wealth

Membuat rencana seperti ini akan membuat liburan semakin menyenangkan. Oleh karena itu, segera buka Maybank Tabungan MyPlan sebagai tabungan untuk perencanaan berbagai jenis keperluan. Juga atur rencana keuangan Anda dengan fitur 360 Digital Wealth feature on the M2U ID App as well, and reap the benefits from just one app.