Managing Finances as a Married Couple using M2U ID App’s 360 Digital Wealth Feature

15 September 2022

Managing Finances as a Married Couple using M2U ID App’s 360 Digital Wealth Feature

Menage Your Finances With 360 Digital Wealth

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Being a married couple requires a dedication to arranging everything together. After marriage, one thing to consider is how to manage cash.

Here are somefinancial managemen tips you may share with your partner to make it easier to manage your finances:

Create a Joint Account

If you and your partner have separate incomes, you should open a joint account. Joint accounts must be kept separate from personal or partner accounts.

Calculating the Amount of Spending

You and your partner must agree on a monthly budget in advance. The amount can be calculated based on your typical lifestyle and demands with your partner.

Categorizing Expenses

Each month, create various categories for each family spending. Food expenses, entertainment, transportation, zakat, installments, savings, and emergency finances are some examples of categories you can create.

Keep track of all expenses

All transactions that you and your partner conduct must be meticulously recorded in order for them to be organized as planned.

Making a Financial Strategy

Determine the family's ambitions and needs, such as children's education, home ownership, and vacation plans, and then calculate the amount of money and investment commitment required to make it a reality.

You can practice some of the tips above using 360 Digital Wealth feature on M2U ID App

360 Digital Wealth is a feature that makes it simple to track costs and create financial strategies to attain various goals after marriage. Your finances will be more optimal because the feature provides summary that is easy to understand.

Some of the benefits of the 360 Digital Wealth  feature for financial management include:

  1. Get an automated spending summary.
  2. All transactions are neatly and categorically recorded.
  3. Easily organize and create categories as needed.
  4. There are several filters available to help you find what you're looking for.
  5. Expenses can be added manually.
  6. There are features that can help in calculating the need for financial goals as well as the monthly investment required.
  7. To achieve investing goals, you can select investment products to be acquired automatically.

All transactions will be automatically recorded if you make payment or purchase transactions via Maybank Debit Card, Maybank Credit Card, Maybank QR Pay and other transactions through the M2U ID App. For other transactions, you can add expenses manually in the 360 Digital Wealth feature.

Click here for more details on the 360 Digital Wealth feature.

Let's open Maybank U/ U iB Savings account  online via the M2U ID App enjoy the 360 Digital Wealth feature to make it easier for you to manage your finances at any time.