Open a Time Deposit via M2U ID App

01 September 2022

Open a Time Deposit via M2U ID App

Opening a time deposit will give you various future benefits. Compared to stock and bond market investments, time-deposit investments are less risky.

Time deposits are banking instruments that have a time limit for withdrawing funds. The agreement between the bank and the customer determines the time deposit term. The withdrawal term might range from one month to 24 months, depending on the bank's policy.

Save Your Funds in Deposit and Get the Advantage's

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The following are some benefits of opening a deposit as a long-term investment:

1. Low initial investment

Time deposits are a great place to start if you are new to investing. Maybank accepts deposits with a minimum balance of IDR 10 million using the M2U ID App

2. Low-Risk

Deposit-based investments have a lower investment failure rate than other investment products.

3. Backed by Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (LPS)

Deposit is a type of investment facility guaranteed by Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (LPS), subject to specific conditions, such as a maximum insured sum of 2 billion rupiahs for each customer.

Maybank Deposits
from Maybank Indonesia offer numerous features and benefits, including:

  • Available in multicurrency ( IDR, USD, SGD, EUR, CNY, AUD, GBP & JPY). Opening a Maybank Deposit, in particular, using the M2U ID App, is only possible in IDR and USD.
  • The M2U ID App allows users to open flexible Maybank Deposits with terms ranging from one month to twelve months.
  • Automatically extend the deposit facility.
  • Maybank Deposit is Sharia-compliant.
  • The M2U ID App can be used to open a Maybank Deposit online.
  • The terms and conditions for Maybank Deposits are available on this page

With the new 360 Digital Wealth function, you can manage your assets and loans easily, including your Maybank Deposit, in one application. The summary of the assets on the feature is easy to understand. The available product categories are also comprehensive and detailed. And to make things easier for you, all assets and loans at Maybank are automatically accumulated.

You can also open a Maybank Deposit through the 360 Digital Wealth Goal-Based Investing feature, which can be combined with other investment products to help you achieve your financial goals.

See this page for more information on how to use the 360 Digital Wealth feature.

Open the M2U ID App and navigate to Maybank Deposit and start investing and managing your finances with just one hand.