Investing Made Easy Through Digital Banking

17 May 2022

The presence of digital banking, together with digital improvements in the Bank's financial sector, has a favorable impact on all forms of financial transactions. One of the impacts is that you can simply invest from anywhere and at any time using your smartphone

Mutual Funds are one of the investments available through digital banking. Mutual funds are one of several investing options available to clients who have limited resources and do not have the time or competence to analyze the risk of their investment.

Mutual funds are a good place to start if you're new to investing. The simplicity of investing in Mutual Funds through digital banking is expected to boost the participation of domestic investors in the Indonesian capital market. Maybank Indonesia has developed the M2U ID App, which allows customers to begin investing in mutual funds through a single application.

The following is a practical and easy way to invest in Mutual Funds using the M2U ID App:

  1. Login to the M2U ID App then click the yellow '+' button on the account display
  2. Select Mutual Funds, then click the '+' button on the Mutual Fund product you want to buy.
  3. Select the source of funds, then enter the nominal and click 'OK'
  4. Select a time frame. If you select a time period other than 'once,' select a debit date and click 'continue.'
  5. Check the statement box and click 'continue'. After that a page to register will appear, click 'continue' for registration.
  6. Check the statement box, then click 'process'.


For more information, you can visit this page.

Using the M2U ID App, you can invest in Mutual Funds for as little as IDR 100,000. You can buy Mutual Funds, top up, switch, sell, update risk profiles and check investment portfolio anywhere and anytime.

FThe new switching feature in the M2U ID App allows you to easily diversify your portfolio based on your risk profile. This function allows you to swiftly convert your Mutual Fund investments to other types of Mutual Funds in order to get optimal returns while responding to market conditions.

What exactly are you waiting for? Start invest in Mutual Funds via M2U ID App.

Transactions and investments made simple #M2UinAja.