How to Easily Open Online Bank Account

18 February 2022

How to Easily Open Online Bank Account

How to open a Maybank Savings Account via M2U ID App?

  1. Download M2U ID on Play Store or App Store
  2. Prepare your eKTP,  selfie photo and follow 5 easy steps open Maybank Savings account.
  3. Debit Card will be sent directly to your correspondence address and activate your Debit Card via M2U ID App.
Opening an Online Bank Account

In this era, it is simple to open a digital savings account. Because creating a bank account can now be done online rather than in person at the bank, it is more convenient.
Digital savings account exists to simplify banking processes and make it easier to open a bank account. It is very simple to open an online bank account, and it can be done from anywhere at any time. All you have to do is download the banking app and register.

With Maybank Indonesia, opening a bank account has never been easier. To start a Maybank digital savings account, you only need to follow five simple steps. The first step is to download the M2U ID App, followed by providing an e-KTP and a selfie photo.The five simple stages are as follows:

1. Select type of saving account you want. Avaialble on Shariah and Reguler Account

After installing the M2U ID App, go to "Register Maybank2u" and then "No" if you are not yet a Maybank customer. If you already have a customer account, all you have to do is choose the type of savings you desire. Read the complete information about the Maybank Savings account you've selected and click "Continue" if you're ready to proceed with the registration. Learn how to open a savings account using the M2U ID App by clicking here

2. Prepare e-KTP to complete your personal information

Select the email that will be you used  after preparing your e-KTP. Input Your active phone number. Tick the box to confirm and click "Next". Insert OTP that has been sent to Your registered phone number. You can instantly scan your e-KTP by uploading a photo of it. Ensure the e-KTP is clearly visible in the camera frame. Then, fill out your personal information in accordance with the data in the e-KTP, click the information box, and then click "Next".

3. Take a selfie in a vertical format. make sure the face is recorded clearly.

Prepare yourself and Follow the instructions on the screen. Ensure that your face is visible within the frame then take a selfie. Take picture properly with clear background, focus, enough brightness, no accessories, no object or other person at behind. Click ‘Next’.

4. Complete the remaining information

Complete other information such as NPWP, type of work, financial data, and domicile.

5. Create user ID

As part of the internet banking registration process, you will be asked to Create Your own user ID, password and choose Your login verification image. Reading and understanding terms and conditions and tick the box to confirm  You have successfully opened Maybank Savings Account.

After completing the five simple steps for opening an online bank account, the debit card will be delivered to the customer's correspondence address within 14 days. After that, you'll be directed to activate your Maybank debit card.

Through the M2U ID App, you can effortlessly open a Maybank online bank account in the palm of your hand without any fuss! Let's get started right now