The Different Types of Credit Cards, Features, and Interests

23 December 2021

The Different Types of Credit Cards, Features, and Interests

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In this era, people started to shift to digital payment or cashless. And one of the most popular payment methods is credit card. However, some people are unfamiliar with the function of a credit card - which simplifies life in today's modern society.

Here are some of the advantages and functionalities of a credit card that you can rely on in today's payment transactions:

Cashless transaction

The primary benefit of using a credit card is that they come in handy when you don’t have any cash in hand.

Seamless online shopping experience

A credit card is very useful as a payment method that is available and recognized on numerous online purchasing platforms, especially because online shopping is the current shopping trend. When using a credit card as a payment option, shoppers can also benefit from special discounts.

Accepted worldwide

Using a credit card allows you to do transactions at any time and anywhere. It can be used not only within the country, but also overseas. If you are a frequent traveler, using a credit card might be very useful.

Various attractive offers

Aside from these advantages and functions, you can take advantage of a variety of attractive offers for shopping at your favorite shops, whether on EDC or E-Commerce, both locally and internationally.


Reviewing the benefits and functions of a credit card above, you need to know that you can use credit cards in any transaction. Credit cards are available in various types and functions. Maybank Indonesia is one of the Indonesian banks that offers a variety of credit cards, including those listed below.

Maybank Visa Infinite Credit Card

Maybank Visa Infinite Credit Card is a credit card designed for premium travelers who desire to experience life to the fullest. When you use this credit card, you will receive 1 TREATS Point, which is equal to 1 Airline Miles, which is a very good deal. You will be eligible to use several domestic airport lounges for free, or receive complimentary green fees at a variety of domestic and international golf facilities

Maybank Visa Platinum Credit Card

Maybank Visa Platinum Credit Card is ideal for those who enjoy shopping at restaurants, supermarkets, or online because it offers a 3X TREATS Points bonus for these types of purchases. Not only that, but every purchase in multiples of IDR10,000 on your birthday will earn you 10X Maybank TREATS Points. Maybank TREATS Points can be redeemed for a variety of appealing rewards, including vouchers, e-vouchers, MAP Club Points, Traveloka Points, and more.

Maybank JCB Platinum Credit Card

For those of you who are passionate about all things Japanese, the Maybank JCB Platinum Credit Card is a must-have.You can get various travel deals to Japan with this card.

Maybank Corporate Credit Card

This credit card is ideal for customers who frequently use credit cards for business or corporate purposes. As cardholders, our Maybank Corporate Credit Card makes it easy to manage and track staff expenses.

Maybank White Card

Maybank White Card is specially designed for young professionals who like to travel. By using this card, your traveling activities will be easy because this card Guaranteed Low Exchange Rate for paying bills, whether  using EDC or online transactions.


You can choose your Maybank Credit Card according to your needs. You can apply for a credit card online through website or Maybank mobile banking  M2U ID App  (if you are already a Maybank customer). Discover the various benefits of the Maybank Credit Card.