Maybank urges all Customers to continuously maintain your banking & personal data information as private and personal, not to be shared by anyone.

Always be cautious towards any fraud attempt, as nowadays due to rapid technological growth there are various forms of banking frauds with new motives such as phishing, malware, sim swap,  phone fraud and other crimes with the basis of personal data and authority abuse.

Be careful and always be aware of various modes or banking crimes on behalf of Maybank. Maybank never asks for your banking data for any reasons and through any means. Maybank Customer Care official number is 1500611, does not contain any prefix * or is not used to contact the customer. Ignore calls from numbers that resemble the official Maybank Customer Care number, as below and other numbers that resemble Maybank Customer Care numbers:

+62 21 1500611            

+21 1500611

021 1500611

062 21 1500611


Maybank will continue to strive developing security features that can protect your personal information and prioritize security in conducting banking activities etc…

*) In the form of a prefix number for incoming telephone lines accompanied / not accompanied by the + symbol, code for a country or city.

Maybank will continue to develop security features to protect your personal data information and to prioritise your banking security with M2U ID App, M2U ID Web, Maybank SMSᶧ Banking, Maybank ATM and Maybank Credit and Debit Card.

Tips for safe and secure transactions:

Keep your data a secret
  • Never share your One Time Password (OTP), Transaction Authorization Code (TAC), Passcode Secure2u, PIN CVV/CVC, user ID and password to other parties, including Bank officers or other parties claiming to be from the Bank through any means.

    Maybank never contact Customer to ask for your banking data information such as One Time Password (OTP), Transaction Authorization Code (TAC), Passcode Secure2u, PIN, CVV / CVC, user ID and password.

  • Never post personal information such as NIK number, date of birth, biological mother's maiden name, telephone number, photo of KTP, photo of driver's license and other personal data on social media.
  • Make sure Your personal data is registered in Maybank system, especially phone number and email address You are currently using. If any changes of data occurs, update Your data to Bank only, including update Your phone number to the operator.

    Call Maybank Customer Care at 1500611 or update immediately via M2U ID App, see the instructions click here

    Maybank will send Your banking data information, including PIN, One Time Password (OTP), Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) to Your mobile number registered at Maybank system.
  • Use a strong password for all of your online banking access. Change your password regularly.
    For example: Do not use a password containing your date of birth or use a user ID (mobile banking / internet banking) containing your name.
  • Please change your password immediately if you have received a notification regarding changing your password on M2U ID App or M2U ID Web.
Credit & Debit Card transaction also digital banking.
Transfer to virtual account


Fraud Mode and How to Avoid it


Attempt to steal your Customer personal data by illegally copying information contained at credit card or debit magnetic stripe.

What to do to avoid skimming:

  • Make sure you already use Maybank ATM/Debit with chip technology.
  • Prioritize using Maybank ATM. It is recommended to use ATM located in branch.
  • When pressing PIN number, please cover it with your hand and always be cautious with surrounding people or situation.
  • Change your PIN periodically.
  • Check your balance and activities regularly. If your found any transaction happened without you knowing, immediately report it to the Bank. Make sure Bank already had your updated personal data  such as phone number, because authorization code will be sent to your phone number.


Attempt to steal through email and internet site sent to a lot of people with the purpose that Customer will give their personal data

What you can do to avoid it:

  • Make sure you are login into or accessing information from official and reliable website. Ensure that the website is starts with https:// …. (notice the “S”) not http:// …. “S” was the sign that the website is protected by encrypted data.
    - Corporate Website Maybank :
    - M2U ID Web (Internet Banking) :
    - M2E untuk Nasabah Korporasi :
  • Install security software and keep updating the antivirus.
  • Avoid online banking access using  public Wi-Fi.
  • Never click a link or downloading attachment if you receive email containing prizes information. Before you click a link found on the email, point your cursor to the link and ensure that the link is sent by the sender.

SIM Swap

Attempt to access your banking transactions by duplicating or takeover your mobile phone SIM card illegally by someone irresponsible .

What you can do to avoid it:

  • If your mobile phone suddenly stops working, no data, no text messages, no phone calls, immediately call your mobile service provider.
  • Immediately call Bank representative and mobile service provider if you find SIM Swap indication.
  • Do not publicize your mobile number or your email on social media. Use different mobile number or email address for banking purposes.
  • Always check and read SMS or email notification sent by Bank.
  • Do not click any untrusted link that your received from SMS or email.

Transfer to virtual account

Fraud Schemes Using Virtual Account

Modes of fraud are becoming more prevalent and diverse, one of them is through virtual account. Always be aware of various fraudulent attempts by transferring to a virtual account:

  1. Claim to be a close relative or friend.
    Pretend to know and admit that you are having a disaster or a desperate situation, and need funds in a hurry.
  2. Fake investment offer
    Offering a promising investments with fantastic profits and invite participants to transfer a certain amount of funds through virtual account.
  3. Shopping in e-commerce or unknown online stores
    Shop through social media/ online store/ e-commerce and require payment outside the official payment method.
  4. Fake lottery
    Be wary if there is a phone call or message, stating that you have received a lottery prize and are asked to transfer some funds and request banking data for some reason.

Caution! Scam Attempt with .APK & .PDF Files!

Fraudulent acts by sending Files or Links containing .apk & .pdf which are currently being distributed via WhatsApp application, under the guise of Wedding Invitation. Seminar,  Order from the Package Courier, Bill / Invoice, Etc.

Things to do when encountering such scam attempt:

  1. Do not open / click / download any file received from a number you do not recognize
  2. Do not reply / response to messages from a number you do not recognize or suspicious sources claiming to be from Maybank
  3. Always keep your Personal Data Confidential, such as: ID No./Driving License/KITAS/Passport etc., Date of Birth, Biological Mother’s Maiden Name, Phone Number, Photo and other Personal Data from any party, including your:
    1. OTP/TAC
    2. CVC / CVV (3 digits on the back of the Card)
    3. User ID and Password
    4. ATM / Debit / Credit Card Number and PIN
    5. Secure2U PINs

Maybank never ask nor send files or links for customers to click on and never ask for personal/private/confidential customer data.

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