The focus of our education program is aimed at students with academic excellence and come from pre-prosperous community through scholarship program, school adoption, and the education development program support.

Maybank Foundation Scholarship Program

Maybank Foundation Scholarship program has been running since 2012, providing full scholarships for 59 of the best Batch 1 and 2 students from underprivileged families in 34 Provinces in Indonesia. Maybank Foundation Scholarship Scholarship consists of 2 (two) full scholarship programs, called undergraduate program at 16 domestic and foreign universities program (Malaysia and Singapore).

The scholarships include education fees per semester, monthly living expenses, laptops, book and internet allowances every semester and health insurance every year. In addition, there are also mentoring programs by Maybank Indonesia Employees during the preparation period for studying in universities, including soft skills training and improving behavioral competencies. Until the end of 2017, all scholarship recipients of batch 1 had completed their education and 40% had graduated cum laude.

Maybank Indonesia's commitment in supporting outstanding students from underprivileged families to obtain education has been started since 2008. In addition to Maybank Foundation Scholarship, Maybank Indonesia also collaborated with Karya Salemba Empat Foundation to provide academic scholarships to 267 students from Gadjah Mada University until 2014. Now, all of the recipients of Gadjah Mada University scholarships have completed their education. Whereas in 2015, Maybank Indonesia also provided academic scholarship support to 5 students of the Indonesian Cooperative Institute (IKOPIN) who excel and come from underprivileged families.

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