Community Empowerment


Economic Development Support for Disability Ojek Community

In 2017, Maybank Indonesia conducted an empowerment program initiative to support the community of people with disabilities through Ojek Difa community, an ojek community driven by people with disabilities in Yogyakarta. This community was founded by Triono Tama, also a disabled person with volunteers and other disabled people. Maybank Indonesia supported the economic development of Ojek Difa community by donating a modified motorcycle to make it comfortable to use, not only by people with disabilities, but also the general public. In addition, Maybank Indonesia also conducted financial inclusion for Difa Ojek drivers so they can have good financial planning.

Currently Difa Ojek has 18 to 22 fleets with a safe design for disabled passengers, tourists and the general public. The program aims to improve the quality of services and economic well being of Difa Ojek members, so they can have an unyielding spirit, have confidence to be independent and can achieve a more prosperous future.