Mount Merapi Slope Community Green Cooperative Program

Maybank Indonesia supported the establishment of the Green Cooperative together with SESAMI (Sedya Samahita Memetri), the executor agency of Maybank Indonesia Foundation's CSR program for community empowerment programs after the Merapi eruption, as a continuation of the community empowerment program on the slopes of Mount Merapi, Muntilan since 2010.

This green cooperative program is a continuation of a biogas program that utilizes biogas waste to be used as an organic fertilizer with more eco friendly quality. The Green Cooperative will produce and market this eco friendly fertilizer, and develop organic agriculture to obtain income on a sustainable basis. The establishment of this cooperative also aims to enable community to apply for a loan for the cost of maintaining or making a new biodegester, and also serves to improve the financial literacy of the surrounding community. The community empowerment program on the slopes of Mount Merapi is one of the long-term programs carried out by Maybank Indonesia as part of Mount Merapi's post-disaster rehabilitation efforts designed from 2011 to 2017.