Turtle Conservation in Lombok

In order to support efforts in preserving turtles that are becoming increasingly extinct, Maybank Indonesia participated in carrying out turtle conservation program. On November 2, 2016, the entire Board of Commissioners, Directors and Management of Maybank Indonesia released hatchlings at the Jeeva Klui beach in Lombok. The release of the hatchlings was a manifestation of Maybank Indonesia's concern for turtle conservation in Indonesia and as part of the environmental conservation program, which is one of Maybank Indonesia's CSR pillars.

Our commitment in supporting conservation of endangered animals has started since 2002 by supporting the Sumatran Tiger conservation program (Panthera Tigris Sumatrae), preserving natural foress as a conducive place for Sumatran Tigers, protecting biodiversity and ecosystem around Harimau habitat, and supporting local communities empowerment to increase their income through ecotourism. In this program we collaborated with the World Wide Fund for Nature Indonesia (WWF-Indonesia) and received full support from Maybank Foundation.