The focus of our education program is aimed at students with academic excellence and come from pre-prosperous community through scholarship program, school adoption, and the education development program support.

Support for Improvement in the Education of Fishermen's Children

Maybank Indonesia has also contributed in improving the quality of education for the north coast of Java by supporting various educational facilities to support the learning process of 408 students of SDN 3 and Madrasah DTA Karangsong, Indramayu. One of the implementation is by helping to renovate schools and donate sports and art supplies. This support is a continuation of the education program for fishermen's children that we started in 2015 by providing various educational facilities to students of SDN 1 Karangsong in the form of books and reading corners, cabinets, and laptops. In 2016, we were also involved in the active participation of Cirebon Branch Officers teaching and learning activities and taught the importance of financial education and saving early on to students and teachers. Whereas in 2017, we conducted monitoring and observation activities throughout the school adoption program that we conducted in Karangsong, Indramayu to determine the next strategic program plan that we will implement in 2018.