The focus of our education program is aimed at students with academic excellence and come from pre-prosperous community through scholarship program, school adoption, and the education development program support.

Maybank Indonesia Supports the Independence of Semin SLB Students

Maybank Indonesia supports the improvement of skills and independence of students with disabilities at Dharma Putra Special School (SLB) Semin Gunung Kidul, a school for children with special needs at Gunung Kidul Semin. The support that has been given since 2016 includes book donation and 9 sewing machines along with other equipment such as threads, needles, clothes and others, as well as renovating classrooms that have been damaged and need repairs, sewing training for teachers and special school students. This support aims to increase the enthusiasm and skills of 85 (eighty five) students of Semin SLB, so they can live independently in the future. In 2017, we collaborated with House of Lawe, an institution that engages in community empowerment through skill training, to improve sewing and marketing skills for students, teachers and communities around the SLB.