Episode 1 - Shariah Leaders Forum, Shariah Finance in New Normal Era

Webinar live date : 2 Juli 2020 | 10.00 - 12.00 WIB

Episode 2 - Shariah Leaders Forum, Shariah Finance in New Normal Era

Webinar live date : 2 Juli 2020 | 10.00 - 12.00 WIB

Episode 3 - Shariah Leaders Forum, Shariah Finance in New Normal Era

Webinar live date : 2 Juli 2020 | 10.00 - 12.00 WIB


Full Video - Maybank Indonesia Shariah Leaders Forum 2020

2 Juli 2020 | 10.00 - 12.00 WIB



The Indonesian Government aims to increase the market share of sharia finance to 20 percent by 2024 from 8 percent in 2019. However, bridging the gap would require a greater support from all stakeholders including industry players, the government, regulators and the supporting parties. Besides, the industry still remain vigilance amid the turmoil of dynamic global situation of Covid 19 plague crisis.

Beyond those concerns, Maybank Indonesia always believes shariah finance industry has a huge chance to be at the heart of society. In addition to creating opportunities and growth through the business, this industry also fulfils social responsibility by fostering unique and sustainable values that have a positive impact on society.

On the back of this spirit, since 2014 ‘Shariah First’ philosophy has driven Maybank Indonesia's strategy. Six years on, the Shariah First policy has translated into significant growth and share of Shariah banking. Maybank-Unit Usaha Syariah (UUS) contributes almost 20% of Maybank Indonesia's asset. This strategy has proven effective, resulting in positive outcomes in terms of financials, product innovation, services, environment and culture. It enables us to deliver our capabilities on how,
when, where and what in response to our customers’ wants and needs.

In line with the commitment of ‘Shariah First’, Maybank Indonesia would like to bring forth important discussions among the key stakeholders to highlight the challenges facing industry and deliberate potential and actionable solutions through“Shariah Thought Leader Forum Series”.


Agenda of the Maybank Indonesia Shariah Thought Leaders Forum 2020


10:00 AM

Breaking into Mainstream (Industries' experiences)

  • Why do Islamic Financial Institutions need to break into the mainstream?
  • We ask the industry’s elite to share the other markets’ experiences and their views on the key implementation strategies; why some strategies succeed while others struggled?
  • How to develop long term competitiveness for sustained growth?

10:50 AM

Dealing with era of The New Normal (Post-Covid 19)

  • Where are we now, the current situation and challenges?
  • What are customer’s point of view towards current situation and IFI?
  • How Islamic Financial Institutions can contribute differently from conventional?

Developing sustained growth trajectory (Post 2023)

  • What are the strategies and further development in order for Shariah Financial industry to be sustainable going forward (Post 2023)?
  • We also discuss preparation strategy/approach for individual institution to ensure a smooth change-over in 2023 (spin off or other alternatives). Do we need to revisit this plan in this new normal? What are the pre-requisites?
  • How can synergy be achieved among industry players, regulators and other stakeholders? What are the customer’s expectations towards the Industry (post 2023)

12:00 AM

End of session


Here are some of Maybank Indonesia Shariah Thought Leaders Forum 2020

Speaker 1

Wimboh Santoso, S.E., MSc, PhD

Chairman of the Board Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) - TBC

Speaker 1

Taswin Zakaria

CEO of Maybank Indonesia

Speaker 3

Daud Vicary Abdullah

Managing Director, DVA Consulting & Partner, Gateway

Speaker 3

Deden Firman Hendarsyah

Director of Islamic Banking Regulation and Licensing Directorate Financial Services Authority (OJK)

Speaker 3

Romy Buchari

Group Head of Sharia Banking Maybank Indonesia

Speaker 3

Soetrisno Bachir

Business Practitioner

Speaker 3

Ventje Rahardjo

Executive Director KNEKS

Speaker 3

Adiwarman Karim

Founding Partner & President Karim Consulting

Speaker 3

Joann Maryam Enriquez

CEO of Investment Account Platform